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Temporary collections

•  10th AmsterdaMMasters 2021 [NED]

•  Spring show, 3e division comp. GV Attila, Utrecht [NED]

•  1st district comp. Midwest 2nd division, Almere [NED]

•  2nd qual. elite and 1st div. - benjamins and prejuniors, Utrecht [NED]

•  2nd qual. elite and 1st div. - juniors and seniors, Hoofddorp [NED]

•  Training Ritmica RG, Alkmaar [NED]

•  Victory Cup 2022, Rotterdam [NED]

•  North Sea Cup 2022, Hillegom [NED]

•  Dutch 2nd div. finals 2022, groups, duos and trios, Almere [NED]

•  Dutch 1st div. finals 2022, Hilversum [NED]

•  Dutch Gymnastics - The Finals [NED] < UPDATED

•  Attila Zomershow, Utrecht [NED]

•  TSA Zomershow, Almere [NED]